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Tru Alka has made it very easy to have great water delivered in your home and office.


We've been with Tru Alka from their first sale. We have custom-built an e-commerce website and CRM for Tru Alka. We integrate payment gateways making it easy to accept orders from customers. Tru Alka is able to track and manage their orders, shipments and inventory.


Web Design

With our easy to use online store, customers have found it simple to purchase their water delivery's, whether it's just for one time or bi-weekly/monthly subscription. We have taken the stress out of managing orders, shipments, and payments with a single dashboard.

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Email Marketing

Tru Alka has built stronger relationships from their customer data. With the engagement of weekly newsletters sent to customers, they have been able to find what works and view reports on performances.



We have been able to drive the best traffic for more conversations and revenue. Using specific key terms and campaign ads, we have increased awareness, leads and sales. We love to be the cause of positive impact for our clients.

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