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Search Engine Marketing

The structure of a webpage and its content is only a piece to the puzzle, that is why The Web Corner takes a different approach than just saying we do SEO. Search engine optimization is important, however with tools online we can find better terms to find the customers you're trying to target. Whether you're looking to get the phones ringing, generate online and in-store sales, or keep customers coming back for more, we can help!

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Social Media Marketing

We work to deliver captivating posts for Yelp, Facebook, Google, Instagram and much more. We make sure to work closely with each client of every social media marketing team. We will pre-write most posts then quickly review them with you and schedule them for the entire week or month.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your customers, advertise new promotions, drive new traffic to your website and ultimately increase your sales. We'll help you secure the benefits of a professionally executed email marketing campaign, with high-quality strategy, design, and placement.

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Today, businesses can collect data along every point of the customer lifecycle. This information might include mobile app usage, digital clicks, interactions on social media and more, all contributing to a data fingerprint that is completely unique to its visitor. Most organizations have a relatively immature understanding of what "business analytics" is, let alone how it creates value.

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