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Business Process Automation

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At The Web Corner, we don't like lost opportunities. Increase your sales and optimize your customer relations. With Business Automation we can streamline your operations from customer relations to your shipping department. Automate monthly reports, label printing, shipping centers, and sales forces.

Accounting Automation

Make accounting for your company easier and more efficient with automation. Our objective is to significantly reduce processing errors while boosting customer satisfaction. Electronic forms capture necessary information, there will be no manual check ins; retention schedule automatically applied and information is stored in electronic basis and easily searchable. Benefits for adding automation are scanning and capturing information from multiple invoices at once, audit activities throughout the A/P process to maximize productivity and securely storing invoices and relation documentation for easy retrieval.

Warehouse Automation

Rely on us to improve efficiencies, maximize space, streamline materials handling and cut costs within your warehousing operations. Warehouse automation will allow your company to be efficient in sorting, routing, and consolidating locations for the purposes of order fulfillment, picking, packaging, storing and shipping. The Web Corner increases warehouse efficiency by: maximizing available storage space in existing structures, avoiding off-site storage and expansions, reducing labor and product damage costs, and increasing inventory accuracy and customer service.

Shipping Automation

The process of getting orders out the door and on their way can get dull, automate your label printing process with us. Plan specific instructions to your label printing based on the type of shipment, the order weight, the package size, and other attributes to remove the need to manually select the shipping. Our Shipping Automation solutions directly integrate with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. The Shipping Solution can be integrated with Inventory Management for packing slips, pick tickets, manifests, and automatically handle RMAs and Returns, orders from supplies, Purchase Orders, and more.

CRM, Customer Service and Sales Automation

Here at The Web Corner, we don't like lost opportunities. Increase your sales and optimize your customer relations. WebCRM ensures you never forget to contact your customers and that you always follow up on all your opportunities with targeted activities and offers. WebCRM is designed for sales people, to ensure our clients get valid and valuable insights and generate more sells. Our goal is to create a WebCRM that gives you a full suite of features for structuring your sales, for targeting your messages and offers, for handling your customer questions and for managing how you grow.

Marketing Automation

Get all the right data, where and when you need it. We offer a Marketing Automation that is a broad solution for planning, testing and implementing marketing campaigns in a way that progresses marketing efficiency and effectiveness. By recollecting and growing your current customer base, as well as getting new customers, you can achieve a better return on investment. We provide all the abilities you need to succeed, including easy-to-use industry leading campaign management capabilities, analytics for campaign targeting, data integration for access to all vital customer data and an initiative business intelligence display for reporting. Customize your campaign processes so they work for you.

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