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We create elegant, mobile-friendly websites for our community. One of our primary goals as Los Angeles City Partners, is working with the neighborhood councils to increase communication, and make sure the website is the most affordable and efficient form of outreach to residents. We work together to accomplish excessive expectations for the government and public. Our commitment to the city is to help build a website that will provide information for the residence including but not limited to: events, mission statements, contact information, agendas, minutes, gallery, and board members. The Web Corner enables authorized non-technical users to easily update their website, which has the impact of helping keep the website regularly updated with current information.

Integration Management & Monitoring

Given the growing accessibility and use of Social Networking, we offer the community an opportunity for neighborhood councils to bring together news and observations about the community on a neighborhood council websites. Many neighborhood councils are looking for ways to make a difference in their communities on the issues they care about most: crime, roads and streets, and the economy. We participate to advocate for real change in their communities by providing up-to-date news and information that will keep the public efficient and aware of what is going on in their city.

Neighborhood Councils

Business Improvement Districts


Can your community reach you through your website? We make it simple and easy for residence to feel involved in their community by providing information about upcoming events, festivals and meetings. We create banners and flyers for events that will bring the public together to participate in making the community better.

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